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The Day I came back from another migraine

Once again I've been laid low by a migraine. Ugh! I hate those things. Even now my head is throbbing with the beating it has been taking.

Since the glare from my laptop is still a little too much for me right now, I'll be short.

This has been me the past few days: migraine, doing the human burrito thing a lot, sleeping when I could, only recently being able to eat, eating from this chopped salad kit I got at the grocery store days ago, learning just a few hours ago that that salad kit was recalled, so now I might have weird germs in my digestive track - just what I don't need.

A friend of mine was able to locate a few Diet Pepsi caffeine free two liter bottles - my most favorite beverage of all time but I haven't been able to find any anywhere since this whole pandemic started - and they dropped them off on my front porch this afternoon. They've been chillin' in my fridge so I might pour myself a tall glass tonight and sip on it.

Storms, a tornado warning, and much needed rain... people setting off fire crackers even though 4th of July is next weekend! Ugh! Not what this girl needs right now.

Tomorrow - if I can - I need to grocery shop and do some laundry.


9:38 p.m. - 2020-06-27


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